IV Hydration


Destiny Anti-aging & Beauty
Wrinkles, blemishes, acne, dry skin, and other signs of premature aging can all be improved with adequate hydration. Topical skin care products are also more effective when your skin is well hydrated from the inside out. At Destiny Nirvana we can help turn back time and ensure your skin gets the hydration it needs to look its best and stand up to the sunny Florida climate!

Destiny Health & Wellness
On average, only 20% of even the best multi-vitamins and supplements are being absorbed into your body when taken orally. Adding a regular regimen of IV nutrient therapy, at Destiny Nirvana ,it is a great way to maintain good health and can help prevent dehydration and vitamin-deficiency.

Destiny – Shorten Cold & FLu
It is no surprise that your body needs an increase of fluids when you are feeling under the weather. Destiny Nirvana can shorten the duration of an illness. Come visit us at the onset of symptoms or anytime you are not feeling your best. Too sick to leave the house? We will come to you!

Stay Balanced And Be More Effective.
Our Stay Well Therapies are designed to help you maintain a healthy lifestyle.  Perfect for busy moms, frequent travelers, and professionals with demanding schedules, IV hydration promotes maximum productivity and overall well-being.

Destiny Reboot  $129
Great for health maintenance and energy when run down, fatigued, or under stress…Use this synergistic blend of vitamins and minerals such as Magnesium, B12, B5, B6 and Vitamin C and get back to work and feeling great in under 30 minutes. Help yourself stay well with a series of these health enhancers.

How Will You Achieve Nirvana?
Maintain a healthy lifestyle and experience maximum productivity.
Benefits of Wellness Therapy:

  • Restore balance of electrolytes and fluids
  • Enhance immunity
  • Improve energy levels
  • Reduce stress
  • Prevent healthy cell damage
  • Experience more restful sleep
  • Boost your overall mood

Hangover Therapy
For The Days You Just Can’t Miss.
After a long night of celebrating, the next day can be absolute torture.  Weekend warriors, your remedy is here. Heavy alcohol consumption leads to dehydration, which is the root cause of the nausea, headache, dizziness, dry mouth and body aches that accompany a hangover.
Our Hangover Therapy combines IV hydration, pain medication, nausea medication and vitamins to provide immediate hangover relief.  In under an hour, our IV hangover therapy improves the symptoms of mild to severe hangovers.

Destiny Recover     $149
This solution provides quick relief to remedy the dry mouth, headache, and body aches that come with a classic hangover. In under an hour hydrating fluids, B vitamins, and an anti-inflammatory will get you feeling well no matter what the caused the need.

Destiny – The Works  $199
Reverse the effects of severe dehydration with this fully loaded package of fluids, Vitamin B12, B Complex, Glutathione, a powerful antioxidant, and Oxygen. This super boost includes an anti inflammatory if necessary.

How Will You Achieve Nirvana?
Forget about nursing your hangover and experience immediate relief.
Benefits of Hangover Therapy:

  • Relieve headaches, body aches and nausea
  • Decrease Inflammation
  • Replenish fluids and essential vitamins
  • Recharge your immune system
  • Prevent healthy cell damage
  • Boost your overall mood
  • Reclaim your day

Athletic Performance Therapy
Experience Peak Performance.
No matter if you’re a competitive athlete or a weekend warrior, dehydration of any severity can affect your concentration, memory and overall athletic performance.  Our IV hydration therapies restore hydration levels and electrolyte balance, allowing you to bounce back more quickly when you’ve pushed yourself well beyond your limits.

Destiny Performance  $149
For the athlete who wants to enhance their performance or speed their recovery afterwards, this package restores electrolytes and boosts energy with B vitamins and trace minerals.

Destiny Excel    $149
For every athlete, from the ironman to the weekend warrior, this ultimate combination restores energy and enhances muscle recovery with hydration, minerals, and Glutathione to fight free radicals. Anti inflammatory is included if needed.

How Will You Achieve Nirvana?
Experience peak athletic performance and recover faster.
Benefits of Athletic Performance Therapy:

  • Restore balance of electrolytes and fluids
  • Improve energy levels and recovery times
  • Prevent healthy cell damage
  • Relieve joint inflammation
  • Enhance training and competition performance
  • Experience better sleep.
  • Boost your overall mood

We’re Excited To Offer You Destiny Nirvana To Go.
IV therapies can now be administered in the comfort of your own home, office, or hotel room.
Please call 239-223-4269 or 239-565-5853 to schedule Destiny Nirvana To Go. We are also available via email at destinynirvanaspa@gmail.com

Destiny Nirvana To Go Menu    $219
1L fluids plus one medicine (anti-nausea OR anti-inflammatory)

­­­­­­­­Includes a consult via Facetime with a healthcare provider
Add Ons/Extras $30 each
Anti Inflammatory
Anti Nausea
B Complex
Extra Fluids
For less than 3 people there is an additional flat fee of $100.
We request 48 hours notice to schedule off site visits for parties of 6 or more.
We will require a 50% deposit. This is non-refundable.
10% discount for groups over 6.